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This is basically a free for all TODO list. Anyone can write stuff that is on this list. If you have played games in the Arcano world you are automatically qualified. If not, please read some articles from this Wiki to get a feel for the world, then you are qualified. So create an account, and get cracking.

I will divide the list into 3 parts. The first part is stuff that whoever picks up will get to decide almost anything about as long as it fits into the world. The second part is stuff that has some guidlines that need to be followed, but is still quite free. The third part are things that need to conform to a strict system, but still has elements that require creativity.

If you finish something, remove it from this list.

Free for All

  • Religions for the Khalad and Barbarian Kingdoms. The Khalad religion should be inspired by an ancient greek style, and the Barbarian probably a bit nature or viking style.
  • More Languages. The major ones are coverted, but feel free to add smaller ones anywhere in the world.
  • Clans in the Barbarian Kingdoms.
  • Description, cultures and languages for The Shattered Isles. Sort of primitive, oceanian style.