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Athanos is the realm and home of the gods. There the dead men that worship the gods may rest in eternal light in the valley between the mountains of the gods. There you may walk open fields and rich forrests with the gods watching over you.


Thaur is the the wisest and oldest of the gods, he is known to be the guiding hand for many, even among the gods. He is known for his wisdom and sence of fairness.


Thern is the younger brother of Thaur, he however is thought of as a more reckless god, and his brother seldom approves of his actions. This has led him to be quite the opposite of his brother and they seldom get along. By the common people he is often considered to be more of as the god of jealousy and wrong deeds. But he is also considered to be very energetic and inventive and is worshipped by some for that.


Estess is the goddess of light, she brings hope to dispair and joy to sorrow. Her name is spoken with much awe of her beauty and charisma. Even people not worshipping her, often think fondly of such devine beauty.


Atyr is the brute of the gods, he is considered the strongest and most enduring of the gods. He is often worshipped for hope in enduring a hard and cumbersome task.


Sanun is the goddess of health of mind and body, and is often toasted to, so she has also become the goddess of food and especially drink.


Kreas is considered to be a power hungry god, that lives for conquering and defeating his enemy. He is not a very liked god by most people and is thought to have a neverending lust for gaining power. It is said he has tried to take over the positon of leading the gods, and has tried to overthrow Thaur, but to his frustration never succeeded to outwit him.


Ageum is the god of wealth, his blessings may give you prosperity, a good harvest and meat on your table. He is considered a generous god, and often throws banquets for the other gods, and people living in Athanos.


Benicia is the wife of Ageum, she is said to be a good hostess, and quite beautiful.

The Sedana

The sedana are beings that are between the gods and man. They are divine in some ways, and they have not been mortal, but they are not gods.


Ranir is an old pagan religion, followed mostly by people living outside of the big cities. Ranir is actually the name of a mountain the gods are said to reside on. Stories of the gods may vary a bit from place to place, but the basics stay the same over most of the known world.

Followers perform different rituals in honor of the gods, including sacrifices of blood and animals, as well as food and other items. Human sacrifice is rare, but has been known to happen.

The symblology of the religion uses different simple symbols, the most common being the pentacle (five pointed star).

The gods are listed by name and their totem, followed by a brief description of the god.

Hayd (Sun)

Godess of the sun and life. Wife of Enyo.

Jerak (Deer)

God of the prey. Can bring good hunting luck. Brother of Skeln.

Phandra (Rose)

Godess of Fertility.

Sayst (Owl)

God of night. Is said to guard over the perils of the dark. Husband of Vorryn.

Skeln (Elk)

God of the forest. Brother of Jerak.

Syas (Magpie)

Godess of miscief, white lies and thieves.

Vergha (Wolf)

Godess of the hunt and battle. Can bring victory over your enemy, and success hunting down your foe.

Vorn (Pentacle)

God of the morning star. Watches over travellers and journeys. Is also the god of transition. Borther of Vorryn.

Vorryn (Moon)

Godess of the moon. Godess of the home, preserves things. Wife of Sayst, and brother of Vorn.

Drael (Snake)

God of poison, healing and medicin.

Enyo (Albatross)

God of the sea and the sky. Husband of Hayd.

The Burning Hand

The burning hand is a monastic order worshipping an unnamed god. They dedicate themself to perfection of the body and mind in the forms of martial arts. They are however highly pacifist in their ways and will use lethal force only to defend others as a last resort, never even to defend themselves. They will however use non-lethal force quite a lot easier, and they are quite apt at it. They claim to have been visited by their god on several occasions. The order is quite common in Belentheryn, and especially in Merodak where it is said to have originated from, but it is found to a lesser degree in other parts of the world as well.

Hero Worship

There is a fair amount of worship of ancient heros, fictional as well as real. These heroes have been raised to a godlike immortality by the worshippers who beleive they live on in some realm of their own. These heroes are usually mighty warriors or great leaders, but might also be very good or pure individuals.


The last emperor of Wye. Endelo is said to have been a great ruler of the wyean empire during the end of the first age. He managed to end the mage war by starting the mage council, and drive the deamons and orc of wye. He is said to have been a charismatic leader, and a man of high moral standards in a time where his kin was at their worst. Some people call him a coward for leaving his people, but most see it as the only right thing to do, since he was a reminder of old times and values.


The first slayer. Kardesh is praised among his worshippers as the first man to slay another. His followers are ususally warriors who live by a code of servitude to their master. It is said that if you slay another man in combat, that man will return to serve Kardesh when he calls upon his legion. In order for the dead to find their way to their commander in the afterlife the slain must be marked, some followers have extended this behaviour to taking parts of the corpses, or even consuming them. In order to reach the afterlife and serve in Kareshes legion, a warrior must die in combat. He must however die by a worthy opponent, not let himself be killed. Some cults following Kardesh has arisen, the most notorious being the brotherhood of Kardesh. The brotherhood is a fairly rich cult with a fortress monestary located in Crelas. The monestary contains artworks, weaponary and armour donated by Kardesh followers and members of the brotherhood. They have taken the Kardesh workship to great lengths, and organize large ritual battles to prove their worthiness within the brotherhood. The highest ranks within the brotherhood called "the chosen" is selected by being one of the few survivors of a large ritual battle organized by the brotherhood each summer.


Quean is said to be monk of the burning hand. He was a great humanitarian, and devoted his life to helping the others in need. There are many tales told of his great deeds. He was a man of peace, but did take to force of a few occations to save the life of others.