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Welcome to the Arcano Wiki

This is a wiki for a fictional world that is mostly used for tabletop RPG campaings. All content is licensed under creative commons, so feel free to use the material herein for whatever purpose you wish. The material is written from the point of view of the Second age. There will be resources about the First age and the Third age as well, but where omitted one can always assume that the material follows the main timeline of the Second age.

The GameWorld

The gameworld is mainly focused on one continent that is divided into three parts.


The Center

This is the most civilized part of the known world. During the second age the kingdom of Belentheryn has been the biggest faction in the center part.

The West

This is the area west of the Dragons Spine, the massive mountain chain that runs through most of the continent. It is regarded as an old fashoned, un-civilized area by those living in or near Belentheryn.

The East

The East is quite isolated from the rest of the world.


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