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This page lists all the major currencies used in the world and information about where they are used and what they are worth.


  • 1 Crown = 24 Dales
  • 1 Dale = 280 Shillings
  • 1 Shilling = 80 Pennies

The Belenteryan currency is a strong currency that almost everyone knows of, even though not everybody accepts it.


A smallish gold coin that is the most valuable coin in Belentheryn. The metal in the Belentheryan crown is very high quality, and every single coin is minted directly from the crown treasury. There has been some "counterfitted" crowns, but the treasury is allowed to check any coin for any reason, so it has been quite rare. The crown is usually accepted almost everywhere because of it's reputation for high quality. The crown is never divided, there are no half or quarter crowns.


A silver coin about the size of a shilling. Like the crown, the dale is highly regulated, but there are some licensed manufacturers other than the treasury. The dale comes in whole, half, quarter and eights. Historically you could chop them up youself, but this is rarely done nowadays, since most merchants don't accept them, and the are of an impractical shape. Nowdays they are minted as smaller coins. A halfdale is a little bigger than a crown.


The proverbial workhorse of the Belentheryan economy, the shilling is about the size of a Dale, but made of copper. The shilling is the typical weeks wages for a manual worker. It comes in whole, half, quarter (twentypence) and eights (tenpence). Shillings are still grooved to help chopping them up down to quarters, but there is separate minting for all smaller values as well. The smaller ones are not dividable.


The tinpenny is a small coin made of different alloys, but originally from tin. The upper classes doesn't use pennies, but for the lower class it is by far the most used coin. There is a huge market in counterfitting pennies, because there is almost no control from the treasury. According to some scholars in Nyrasu, one of the more used pennies today, the "yellowpenny" was never actually minted by the treasury. It was a counterfitted minting that became so common it had to be made official by the treasury, otherwise there would have been a peasant uprising. The penny comes in whole and halfpennies.


  • 1 Crown = 24 Dales
  • 1 Dale = 280 Shillings
  • 1 Shilling = 80 Pennies

Ederion used to have it's own currency, but during the first war with Belentheryn they started minting mixed down coins to increase the crowns wealth. This resulted in the entire upper class starting to use Belentheryan currency instead. Eventually despite it being considered an act of treason, even the lower classes started using Belentheryan currency. Eventually after the war, the crowns treasury started minting their own versions of the Belentheryan currency. Officially the Ederion versions are of the same value as the Belentheryn versions, but usually they tend to be slightly less valued. This has let the treasury to increase the metal value of their coins slightly, so they are actually worth a bit more if melted down.


The Ederion crown is a bit larger than the Belenheryan crown, but it has a bit more copper in the mix. This makes the Ederion version a bit more durable, and usually looks better. Ederion crown are popular among sea traders because of their higher metal value, and shinier look. You can also get them a bit cheaper in Belentheryn.


The Ederion dale is more or less identical to the Belentheyan dale. The only difference is it's seal, and it's slightly thicker.


The Ederion shilling is similar to the Belentheryn shilling, but is missing the grooves for splitting. This makes it a bit heavier, but otherwise the same size. The faces are however totally different.


Usually you don't really pay attention to if a penny is from Ederion or Belentheryn. Both are used in both kingdoms. Some mintings are actually officially recognised in both kingdoms, and no one even remembers where they came from originally.

Carad Tanduil

  • 1 Sovereigns = 12 Sceptre
  • 1 Sceptre = 2 Rods
  • 1 Rod = 80 Amethysts
  • 1 Amethyst = 300 Staffs

The historical coinage in Carad Tanduil is a litte different from most other places. The area has quite a lot of mining, both dwarven, and later also human. There are are quite a lot of high quality amethyst deposits in the area, and people started using them as currency. At the fall of the Wyean empire there where a lot of different currencies floating around, including the rapidly devaluing Wyean denar. There soon developed a standard size and quality of amethyst that people compared everything to and this evolved into the de-facto currency in the area. Since they still where quite valuable, there soon evolved additional agreed upon currencies. Metal wires where used in standard lengths.

1 Amethyst is worth about 3 Belentheryn shilling.











  • 1 Rha = 42 Gira
  • 1 Gira = 88 Geis