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The history of the world of Arcano is divided into three ages. The first age is the time when man come to the world (continent) and recorded time began. A large part of the history of the first age is told and remembered by the Elves. The history of the Wyean empire is also recorded in the library of Ertolénon.

The "timeline" of most games are played during the 600:s in the Second Age, and this is the time most of the material will be focused around. It is possible to play games during the First Age, but that is history, so one should not change too much of the large events.

Likewise it is possible to play during the Third Age, but the history of the Third Age setting is pretty much an alternate timeline. Events can occur in the Second Age that contradicts events in the Third Age history. This is the canonical view of things, but everyone is of course free to use the material however they wish.

The reason for this disclaimer is that the wiki will probably evolve along these lines. Something that people should be aware of.

The First Age

The History of the First Age

The First Age contains the rise and fall of the Wyean Empire, as well as the Deamons. The First age ends with the Deamon Wars. During the First Age, weapons used where mostly bronze, and armours where leather and bronze.

The Second Age

The History of the Second Age

The Second Age contains the Rise and decline of the Greater Kingdom of Belentheryn. This was a time of Chivalry, with steel weapons and armour.

The Third Age

The History of the Third Age

The Third Age begins with the discovery of the New World, the home of the Elves. This is the time of seafaring ships, gunpowder and cannons. The old world is divided into a few equally strong kingdoms, and there is a constant struggle to try to wrestle some upper hand in some area. Nobody wants an all out war, but no-one can allow the others to gain too much power.